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Welcome Baby Agnes to a Better Healthier World!
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Baby Agnes Held by Her Mother with Aid Africa Staff
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Otuukene Issa

My name is Ayaa Agnes, of Omel Lamaja Village in Gulu District. I came to the health centre when I was in my labour and to my surprise the clinic provided me soap, a baby blanket, plastic sheeting, and my delivery supplies. I was so happy. In the past if one is coming to the hospital one is required to bring delivery supplies. We had to buy all the items and it is very expensive. Many mothers give birth at home on their mud floors, despite risks of infection. This time, I received a birthing kit from Aid Africa which contained what I needed. Not only did Aid Africa help me and Baby Agnes have a safe, clean, birth, but they have provided our village a well so that we have clean water. I will not have to worry about Agnes getting sick drinking dirty water. Aid Africa provided our village with fruit trees and new cooking stoves. The stoves eliminate thick dirty smoke in our homes. Baby Agnes will not have to breathe smoke every day. I won't have to worry about her falling into the fire we used to cook with, and because the stoves require very little fuel, I spend much less time collecting wood.

Improving Impoverished Communities with Aid Africa

Aid Africa works with some of the poorest people on the planet in the villages of northern Uganda. We work with hundreds of villages. We help to make sure they have clean water sources. We dig wells. We create sheltered springs. We maintain those water sources so that people can have clean water.

We also have invented an energy efficient cookstove. The traditional stove is just a fire pit in their homes, in their mud huts, and everybody breathes in tons of smoke.

We do some reforestation for all of the trees that have been cut down, but also fruit trees so that the people can have better nutrition and also they can make a little money selling the fruit themselves.

We do Health Fairs and we test people for HIV and for malaria. We make sure they get the meds they need. We do some prevention education about HIV and malaria and domestic violence.

We all pitch in together to make it happen.

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