Alaska Children's Trust

Alaska Children's Trust


The Alaska Children's Trust achieves our mission by interlocking arms with partners. Key focus areas of our work include child care and early education access, afterschool, youth mental health, postpartum medical coverage, access to paid family leave, and more. These supports are examples of upstream, primary prevention that stops abuse and neglect before it happens, ensuring that Alaska is a place where every child can thrive.

About Alaska Children's Trust

Children make up 25% of our population in Alaska, but they are 100% of our future. Unfortunately, many of our littlest Alaskans need our help. Over 3,000 children experience child abuse and neglect each year. The work of the Alaska Children’s Trust is to prevent child abuse and neglect. We do that by ensuring that children, youth, families, and communities have the knowledge, skills, supports, and resources to thrive. When they thrive, the risk of child abuse and neglect is greatly goes down. We achieve our mission by advocating for systems change, bolstering innovative ideas, convening partners, and investing in communities across our state. And with your investment we can and will prevent child abuse and neglect.

Alaska Children's Trust
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