Alpha Project for the Homeless

Alpha Project for the Homeless

Navy Veteran makes his way home
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Mark, a Navy Veteran, and his Case Manager celebrate after his VASH housing voucher was approved

Meet Mark, a courageous US Navy Veteran. After the sudden death of his wife in 2019, Mark found himself homeless on the streets of San Diego. Alone and grieving for his wife, Mark turned to alcohol but soon realized that drinking would not solve anything. Shortly after, Mark heard about Alpha Project through the VA. Mark connected with Alpha Project's outreach team and secured a bead at our Harm Reduction Shelter. While at the shelter, Mark was able to utilize the on-site Medical Mobile Unit and obtain all of his identifying documents. Most importantly, he was able to get his VASH Voucher for housing approved. With the future looking promising, Mark obtained housing with the assistance of his case manager and planned to gain employment and continue to work on his sobriety.

Alpha Project for the Homeless
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