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Shondel's Story
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Shondel Greenwood lives the life he chooses, thanks to the support he receives by The Arc of Atlantic County.
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Geoffrey Belarde, The Arc of Atlantic County

For many years, Shondel lived in a shared apartment, supervised by The Arc of Atlantic County. While Shondel liked his roommate, he had recently become interested in becoming more independent, and living in his own home. In order to make his dream a reality, Shondel needed a plan.

With the support of Direct Support Professional (DSP) staff from The Arc, Shondel identified the goals that he thought were important for his success. From saving money and creating a reliable budget to focusing on his own health and wellness to learning to use technology to manage his support and medical needs. Shondel took great strides in meeting the goals he had established.
With encouragement and support from the Employment Services staff at The Arc, Sheldon rejoined the workforce, as a part-time housekeeping assistant at an area hotel, where he receives a fair wage, enjoys his job, and has made new friends.

Outside of work, Shondel has found his voice as a Self Advocate, and encourages others living with disabilities to pursue their own dreams while providing important feedback to local law officials, and first responders on how to interact with people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve the best outcomes for all.

Shondel was honored in 2021 with The Sykes Award -- an award given to individuals in our community who achieve

Shondel has met with US Congressman, Jeff Van Drew to discuss challenges and availability of transportation available to individuals living with IDD.

Because of people like you, who believe in our work, and support the mission of The Arc, this year, Shondel thrives and takes pride in living independently

Whether it be finding affordable housing, gaining meaningful employment, or supporting a person to live the life they choose, The Arc of Atlantic County works with people like Shondel every day.
Please know, we could not do our work with you.

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Living The Lives We Choose!

Hi everyone, I'm John Jeffries. Thank you for supporting The Arc of Atlantic County. The Arc helps me to be an artist, and an entertainer, a champion and they help me live the life I choose. Hi, I'm Latoya. Thank you for supporting The Arc of Atlantic County. The Arc helped me to be independent, creative, a real achiever and they helped me live the life I choose. Hi, this is Mary Moyer, Director of Development and Community Outreach. With your help, people like John and Latoya will continue to have access to the support and services they need to live, grow, and experience a meaningful life. On behalf of the people we serve, thank you for your support.

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