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Army Scholarship Foundation

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Army Scholarship Foundation

The Army Scholarship Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to providing college scholarships for undergraduate study to deserving children of current and former members of the U.S. Army, and to spouses of currently serving soldiers.

Founded in 2001 by a group of U.S. Army veterans, the Foundation is dedicated to assisting sons, daughters, and spouses of soldiers in achieving their educational dreams. It is staffed entirely by volunteers and keeps operating expenses extremely low so that 98% of donated funds go toward scholarships.

The Foundation is organized as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Texas, and is a charitable organization exempt from federal income taxes under Article 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Under current IRS regulations, all contributions and donations made to the Army Scholarship Foundation are fully tax deductible. The Foundation has no direct affiliation with any other civil, private, or military organization or with the U.S. Army.

Army Scholarship Foundation

Since 2001, the Army Scholarship Foundation has provided hundreds of academic scholarships for Army family members.

I support ASF because they take care of the children of the military and give them the opportunities to go to college.

I know that there are many charities out there, but ours is unique in that there is no paid staff, and it is entirely run by volunteers in a passion for what they are doing and wanting to help our military families.

Army Scholarship Foundation
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