Baltimore Outreach Services, Inc.

Baltimore Outreach Services, Inc.

Provide shelter & services to homeless women & their children. Address underlying causes of homelessness, provide women the resources to remain stable & independent. Offer case management, health/mental health skills, education programs, housing assistance

Mothers and their Children, Priceless
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A Memory for every mother and her children
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BOS Staff

In FY23, BOS provided programming services to 141 clients, which included 54 adult women and 87 children (41 males and 46 females) 59% were school-aged. The ethnicity and race of the 141 clients had: 88.0% Black, African American; 7.8% White, non-Hispanic; 2.8% Hispanic/Latino; and 1.4% Multi-Racial, American Indian, Alaska Native, or Indigenous (City of Baltimore HMIS Client Track). The average shelter stay was 114 days or four months per client, and the nightly occupancy rate was 75.6% for FY23 (30 of 40 beds).

The BOS staff works tirelessly and closely with shelter residents to ensure they can get their children to school and provide an after school educator to support homework and projects. Great to see a current shelter resident ushering her daughter to her 2nd grade class at Federal Hill Prep (September 2023).

Baltimore Outreach Services, Inc.
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