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2023 Testimonials

I’ve just received an all inclusive vacation
for myself and my husband when I’m done
fighting the fight! I’m so overjoyed and
humbled to have been chosen for a trip!
This really makes a huge difference in how
I’m able to get through chemo to cure my
cancer. My husband and I have never
traveled anywhere in our 25 years of
marriage so this is a treat for both of us as
my husband is my sole caretaker and
provider. I’m so blessed to be in the
network of Breast Wishes Foundation and
this trip means the world to me already!
I keep looking at the date I’m scheduled to
leave and smile every time I see it! Thank
you all for the wishes you make come true
for breast cancer patients.

Your support makes wishes like Yolanda's come true!

Things that no one talks about with cancer as
much is the devastating effect on your
self-esteem, your mental health, your finances,
your confidence, the fear and the instability.
After I lost my job, I turned my pie making
hobby into a way to help myself in more ways
than one! When Breast Wishes said they would
award me with a new Kitchen Aid mixer, a
Vitamix and kitchen supplies to encourage that
part of my life that keeps me going, I was
overwhelmed at such generosity! It was like a
dream come true!
I just don't even know where to begin to thank
such generous donors who provide incredible
opportunities to help provide hope, continued
independence, self-esteem, (for which there is
no price on), and to continue a life that is
meaningful and purposeful with some joy
replacing fear and uncertainty.

Your support makes wishes like Lisa's come true!

Kali wished for some fun time
with her kids so we got her
tickets to Land of Illusion
Scream Park and then Kings
Island Gold Passes for next
She is so excited to make
memories with her family!

Your support makes wishes like Kali's come true!

Amanda had a great time at
her first ever massage and
spa day. Thank you to our
friends at Woodhouse Spa
Dayton for making this so
special for her!
She spent the day relaxing
with family & really enjoyed
being pampered!

Your Support Makes Wishes like Amanda's Come True!

I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive
ductal carcinoma at the age of 28. I
am a pediatric speech language
pathologist and absolutely love my
career. This cancer journey was
certainly not how I envisioned
spending the last couple years in my
20’s, but there have been so many
blessings along this path that I
wouldn’t have experienced
One of those blessings was getting
to know the people at Breast Wishes
who granted my wish for a new oven.

Your Support Makes Wishes Like Nicole's Come True!

De'Chael has three children who had
never been to King’s Island and wanted to
surprise them with a fun family day.
Instead of one trip to King’s Island, Breast
Wishes gifted her with season passes for
the entire family, including
all-you-can-eat food and drink passes for
the whole season.
Her children couldn’t contain their
excitement and said they had the best
summer ever!
De'Chael was so grateful to make those
fun memories with her family!

Your Support Makes Wishes Like De'Chael's Come True!

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