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Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

2023_HQ_Charity Concert_Maui_RECAP_60sec
Link to video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yWPAoX4TbQCtdvRdls5MYIuH90rTQSwj/view?…

Jeoffrey “Spud” Lenhardt
Care Recipient
10 o'clock, 11 o'clock
winds are blowing 60 miles an hour
already and everything
Trees were already breaking
about 4 o’clock
I can see the smoke rising up
It was like, Whoa!

Joseph Texeira
Care Recipient
All night we stayed in the water
It was just flames and everything

Rowena Baraoidan
Care Recipient
There’s a lot of people
who didn't make it out
We’re really one of the lucky ones

Helen Tseng
Tzu Chi Volunteer
As Hawaii volunteers
we’ve got to do something about this

Nicholas Longpre
Tzu Chi Hawaii Volunteer
We hear a lot of heartbreaking stories
and we’re here to help
with a little bit of monetary donations
But I think it goes beyond that
We will rebuild Maui stronger

Sule Gordon
Care Recipient
We find ourselves surrounded by love
and it's the folks like
the [Buddhist] Tzu Chi Foundation
that have come through

Christine Borge
Care Recipient
I just wanted to say thank you
and Mahalo and…
I hope you're blessed
a thousand times more

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
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