Camp Freedom PA

Camp Freedom PA

Camp Freedom Mission
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Camp Freedom Mission
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Camp Freedom provides outdoor adventures for disabled Veterans and First Responders, their family members, and Gold Star families. These activities remove individuals from clinical settings into the healing environment of the outdoors and nature. They also promote the social well-being of the participants through peer-to-peer interaction, camaraderie,
and outdoor adventures.

Camp Location:
284 Number 7 Road
Carbondale, PA 18407
(please call ahead to schedule a visit)

Office: 570-536-6000
[email protected]

Matt Guedes, Executive Director
[email protected]

Camp Freedom

Speaker 1: What is camp freedom? How do you describe a place like this? A sanctuary to those who serve our country and communities, to those who struggle as a result of that service, an outdoor respite where the weight of struggle is lifted and replaced by the peace of God's creation? How do we serve those who sacrifice so much for our safety and our freedoms? How do we repay those whose loved ones pay the ultimate price for all of us sitting here tonight?

Speaker 2: I love spreading the word of camp freedom because it needs to be out there that this place is for veterans and first responders with disabilities and for Gold Star families. They have a place they need to come to, to relax and enjoy the great outdoors with no rest, no restrictions just come, have a great time and enjoy yourself. And I want to be a part of that. So I have a great relationship with camp freedom and I will never end.

Speaker 1: With the help of compassionate partners like you, we can continue to be a place of caring and healing for years to come.

Camp Freedom PA
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