Camp Hobe'

Camp Hobe'

Camp Hobe' is a place where Kids Are Kids!
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2 brothers enjoying our Hobe' Jr session
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Camp Hobe' gives our campers a place to just be kids and bond with others going through similar experiences. Whether they are a patient or a healthy siblings, all our campers get individual attention. Don't take my word for it! Here's what our campers have to say about their experiences this summer:
* There are amazing people here! I love talking to kids who have gone through the same things as me. I love Camp Hobe' staff for their love of us. I'm looking forward to coming next year.
* This camp has helped me this week because I was going through some super serious stuff. And this has helped me take my mind off of it.
* Hobe' has become one of my favorite places on this planet. I've been coming for 5 or 6 years. I've always been super shy, but here at Hobe', I've finally come out of my shell and opened up. That was the best thing I have ever done. I've easily made lifelong friends who I would've never spoken to otherwise. Because of this shared trauma, we connect so deeply in a quick time. I really hope to return as a counselor. These people have changed my life for the better. I don't know where exactly I would be right now, but without Hobe', it would be great. I've struggled very deeply and I still am. But because of these people, I realize there's so much more to life. I wish to help other people struggling with physical and mental illnesses. I love you Camp Hobe'!
*Hobe' is home. I have been coming here for 5 years now, and I have never felt more joy, love, and inclusivity anywhere else. From the staff to the campers, everyone, including the special guests, are family as soon as they drive past the gates. Though most everyone here at camp has been through more than most, Hobe' is an escape. An escape from life, pain, and being scared of the harsh realities of the world outside. The only thing that you see on everyone's faces are smiles and laughter. No matter the stories or experiences, the people here are treated as one. I will forever love Hobe', the people, the friendships, the "Jake from State Farm" skits, and so so much more. This past year, I have been suffering from a hard mental illness. But at Hobe', that all seems as though it never existed. The amount of love that circles around us is contagious. I love everyone here. I will forever treasure the memories and friendships I have created. Though it is my last year as a camper, I am beyond grateful to have spent it with all you amazing people. Love, Tater Tot.

Camp Hobe!

Thank you for your interest in Camp Hobé! We are one of many charities supported through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). We value your support and your service to the community.
Each day, 40 families in the U.S. will learn their child has cancer.
Camp Hobé helps families affected by childhood cancer through two powerful tools. . .
1. The Great Outdoors
2. A Community That Understands
We provide summer camps and family outings for kids with cancer AND their siblings (they need it too!).
Kids, aged 4-19, from throughout the Intermountain West join us in the Utah mountains each year:
• For Fun,
• Games,
• Crafts,
• Swimming – a rarity for kids in treatment,
• Ziplines,
• Campfire songs,
• And, most importantly, feeling like a regular kid!
Just $1 dollar per pay period gives a kid 2-4 hours of fun!
They need your support— and each other—to take on some of life's biggest challenges/
Thank you, CFC
Learn more at
CFC #5066

Camp Hobe'
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