Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc.

Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc.

Maddie’s Cancer Journey
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Maddie rings the bell to celebrate the end of treatment!

Maddie was a vibrant young lady who had the world in her hands. She had just started her senior year in high school, was dual enrolled in college, had a part-time job, and volunteered at the hospital weekly. In October 2018, she started running an abnormally high fever and after several trips to the doctor, she was sent to the hospital where she was diagnosed with Acute ALL Leukemia.

Our world was turned upside down. Maddie and I had to leave immediately to go to Tampa while her brother and her dad were left in Melbourne to take care of things at home. It was difficult for all of us to be apart while we were going through so much. When we did not think things could get worse, she had a complication with one of the chemotherapy drugs and developed a blood clot in her brain, and had a stroke. She was transferred to Tampa General where she needed emergency surgery to remove the clot. I am happy to say that she fought hard and has recovered from her stroke and completed her last Leukemia treatment on April 24th and is cancer-free!

We could not have made it through without everyone’s support, especially Candlelighters of Brevard. Living in Tampa, traveling to Tampa, and not being able to work all posed a financial burden to us on top of worrying about our daughter. Candlelighters provided the right support at the right time! We will forever be grateful for the support they gave us during the most difficult time in our lives! Maddie is now back in college at UCF working on a major in Health Sciences. She has a passion for helping others like she was helped! This journey has taught us to be present in the moment, take each day as it comes, and treasure what really matters – the people we love!

Mission Video - Family Testimonial

Candlelighter Families share how our organization positively impacted their journey against childhood cancer. Candlelighters provides emotional support and financial assistance to children battling cancer and their families.

This is our son, Princeton. He got diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma cancer when he was two years old. So we had no idea what lied ahead. It was like a shotgun just hit you in your stomach. Thought we had it all figured out. All the T's crossed, all the I's dotted, everything we had in our bank.
Just started going with dr bills for a place to stay. It was hard because we lived an hour and a half away. So the trip became long. We heard about Candlelighters by one of the nurses there. They told us what they could do for us. We reached out to them. They're like submit your bills. And I was like, really? And they're like, absolutely. And it was just huge for us. Just anything we really needed, I can give them a call. There are many services and programs Candlelighters of Brevard have created to make it easier for families.

Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc.
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