Canine Partners for Life

Canine Partners for Life


Because of him my world is so much bigger.

Canine Partners for Life, CFC #10357 is at the top of the screen.
Women on the couch with her dog resting on her lap, talks to the screen.
“My name’s Victoria and this is John Boy, about seven years ago I developed a condition that cause loss of consciousness.”
“Some days I would lose consciousness every single time I stood up, this led to a lot of injuries and dependency on my friends and family.”
“Then I got John Boy. He’s able to tell me when I am about to pass out so I can lay down and avoid any injuries.”
“Because of him my world is so much bigger.”
“It’s been a year since I’ve had any major injuries because of my episodes and all of that is because of Canine Partners.”
“By supporting Canine Partners, you are able to support partnerships like this and give people like me a world we never thought we were going to have. Thanks!”

Canine Partners for Life
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