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Capability Health & Human Services

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Cesar in front of the Capability Pediatric Therapy Clinic
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CHHS Clinic Staff

We’ve come a long way with Capability, Cesar has made great and exciting progress. He has been attending capability health since he got diagnosed with ASD at 2 years old. He will soon turn 5 years old, he has learned so much over the years and we are so grateful for His speech and Occupational therapists. The biggest impact for Cesar and family is he is now learning to communicate with not full but short sentences! When you hear them talking to you or saying something new for the first time it just makes you cry instantly of happiness! We can’t wait to see all the exciting new progress he will make the year to come, we are so proud and happy for Cesar, he know how to write his name, he knows how to use scissors and how to zip up his own jacket, he has great motor skills now, he follows directions and still has troubles transitioning from time to time but we are not worried, we know he will continue to make excellent progress at Capability, he also shares and plays well with others his age. He’s always excited to visit the clinic, except when he’s been woken from a nap lol! But he still manages to have a great session thanks to the awesome therapists! Shout out to Ms. Alicia, she’s so sweet and fun with Cesar, and Ms. Jenessa also, always receiving Cesar with a big smile and lots of energy, we are really happy with Capability. Also the nice ladies who always give us a call to remind of appointments, they’ve been really patient with our family as well when it comes to being late or forgetting a session, I appreciate you!

Learn More About Capability Health & Human Services with Niki

Hi. My name is Nikki and welcome to Capability Health and Human Services.
Capability is a nonprofit serving Nevada.
We rely on donations from individuals and businesses to thrive.
For children ages zero to three, we offer Early Intervention.
When children age out of Early Intervention they can move to Pediatric Therapy until they are eighteen.
Once a client is an adult, Capability Health offers a variety of programs to encourage independent living.
You can learn more about us at

Capability Health & Human Services
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