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Casa Chirilagua

Partnering with Families for Impact!
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Dinora and her son

“I feel grateful and blessed that we get to participate at Casa Chirilagua as a family, especially now that all three of my kids will be in the program!” -Dinora, Casa Chirilagua mother

Dinora’s oldest son was playing soccer with a friend who told him about Casa Chirilagua. He asked his mom to join, and he's now a rising 10th grader, looking forward to starting his fifth year at Casa Chirilagua.

“He has been thinking a lot about his future and is looking forward to field trips with Casa to College, diving into new topics - like finances - and participating in practical activities that will resemble real-life situations,” said Dinora.

Last year Dinora’s daughter joined Kids Club as a 1st grader, but her youngest son was still too young to attend. He is eagerly anticipating this year!

“My youngest son has heard a lot of stories from his siblings about the different things they have been able to do. He is a little nervous about trying new things, like ice skating, which was one of his sister's favorite activities. Most of all, he is excited and feels ready. He is happy to finally get to join his sister after school,” explained Dinora.

Partnering with families is an essential key component in our strategic direction. It is an honor to build relationships with entire families, collaborate with parents, and work together to see everyone flourish. Each day, we aim to provide students with a safe and supportive environment, as well as opportunities to learn and grow in leadership.

Students will be returning to school very soon. We are so excited to welcome them back to Casa Chirilagua after Labor Day! This beautiful community is pointing kids and youth to their Creator. Collectively, we are equipping them to thrive academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

This distinctive approach not only benefits the students themselves but impacts families, schools, teachers, classmates, friends, and ultimately Chirilagua.

Casa Chirilagua
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