CASA of El Paso, Inc.

CASA of El Paso, Inc.

CASA of El Paso trains and supports individuals from the community to advocate for abused and neglected children who need representation in the family court system, striving to provide them safe and permanent homes.

How CASA volunteers advocate for El Paso children
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Lisa Saucedo, Story Writer and Chief Executive Officer
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CASA of El Paso, Inc.

CASA of El Paso, a nonprofit dedicated to providing advocacy for local children in the child welfare system, is in need of volunteers from the community. CASA volunteers, or court appointed special advocates, provide a consistent presence in a child’s life during their time in foster care. They advocate for abused and neglected children who need representation in the family court system. We need more volunteer advocates to ensure that every child receives the assistance they need while navigating an experience that is unfamiliar to them. The children we serve deserve support and access to the resources they need to grow and thrive.

Once an advocate is appointed by a judge to a family court case, they become part of a community of adults dedicated to helping the child feel a sense of safety and consistency. Advocates amplify a child’s voice in court, ensuring that their physical and emotional well-being is a top priority. CASA volunteers correspond with all relevant parties, including parents, family members, teachers, medical providers, social workers, and lawyers, filling in gaps educationally, medically, and beyond. There are many children in foster care in El Paso County that need this type of advocacy and support.

Last year alone, CASA of El Paso provided advocacy for more than 500 foster children. However, many more remain without a CASA volunteer. We are dedicated to ensuring no child is left without a voice or support. That is why we need our community’s support, and for more people to step up and make a difference. As a supporter, you can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children by advocating on their behalf. The CASA program provides training and resources that empower volunteers to bring positive change to these children’s lives.

CASA of El Paso, Inc.
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