Catholic Charities West Virginia

Catholic Charities West Virginia

Standing in Solidarity: Transforming Lives Through Faith and Compassion
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Living rightly means to love one another. -Romans 13:8-10

Although the word solidarity isn’t mentioned in the Bible, it’s a significant part of our faith and work. It’s a core concept in the Catholic tradition, encouraging us to work for the common good.
With your help, we’re not just fighting poverty; we’re walking alongside those in need - like Howard, a 70-year-old man whom we met as he was being discharged from the hospital. Having been relatively healthy his whole life, navigating the healthcare system and a new medical condition was overwhelming for Howard.

Our case manager did more than facilitate transportation and meal deliveries. As Howard was adjusting to his new normal of living alone with less mobility, she sat with him and listened to his fears and challenges. She helped him obtain a cell phone and learn how to use it, and she helped connect him with other services, including a Life Alert system, to ensure that Howard had the support he needed with any other issues he may encounter. Just as we walk alongside Howard and so many others like him, we appreciate that you stand in solidarity with us in this work. Together, we’re creating a community where solidarity is not just a word; it’s a principle that changes lives.

As inflation and the ongoing impact of COVID are making life harder for families, we’re now seeing 3-4 new families at our food pantries every day. Please consider making a donation to support these families in need.

Catholic Charities West Virginia
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