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Receiving Food and Friendship from his Local Pantry
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Miles picking up food from his local Central Pennsylvania Food Bank pantry
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Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

Miles is a special client of Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. A single father to a soon-to-be 12-year old boy, he is a kind eyed man who has worked hard to turn his life around. Because of chronic health problems, Miles and his son live off his Social Security—something notoriously hard for a family to get by on. The pantry volunteers, he explains, not only help with their food need but also give him the compassion and strength to continue keeping on.

“I don't just look forward to going to the Food Bank to pick up my food. I look forward to going to the Food Bank to see some happy faces, to talk. Even if I got things on my mind, I throw it at them and they throw a little something right back, and it’ll be alright. It means a lot to me.”

Miles is also grateful to the Food Bank for helping him learn to use the food he does have more efficiently. His excitement is clear when he shares how they have helped him learn how to shop properly and even how to cook. He cannot say enough good things about the pantry staff and volunteers who give this service to his family—specifically the loving, judgement-free atmosphere they provide.

“When you look to somebody for help, and that person gives it back to you with a smile on their face, never looks at you differently— it’s awesome. I appreciate it. I really do.” He flashes a dazzling smile.

Choose to End Hunger

Food insecurity in central Pennsylvania is 11 percent higher than it was in 2019.
"People need this. You never know what their story is."
Prices for many household goods and services are surging, putting further strain on family budgets, with no end in sight.
"Here to get help for my family. We have been through rough times."
Many of our neighbors are forced to make impossible choices.
"Because I knew if I didn't have this, I wouldn't have nothing."
Your support and partnership puts us on the path to ending hunger before it begins.
"You don't realize how much the school meals help until they're home all day."
We call on your help again to ensure the more than 337,000 of our neighbors in central Pennsylvania who are working hard to get back on their feet in the wake of the pandemic have access to the healthy food they need.
"Bills don't always get paid. You make some tough choices."
Food shouldn't be an impossible choice. Choose to end hunger - to make the impossible, possible.

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