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Serving Hope: A Volunteer's Journey at Chapman Partnership
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Volunteers serving a meal
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The Miami Dade Trial Lawyer’s Association (MDTLA) is an organization comprised of South Florida lawyers and judges who understand the importance of advocacy for those less fortunate and those who have been afflicted by tragic circumstances outside of their control.
MDTLA’s President, Rochelle Wimbush, challenged her board of directors with the task of increasing the organization’s community involvement and suggested we explore options with Chapman Partnership. That led us to where we are today.
"When my law firm and I volunteered we were reminded about needs that exists in our society but which we are too easily and often forgotten about. We also benefited from meeting some of the residents who were respectful and appreciative. The staff is welcoming and all around wonderful. It was a great wholesome experience and we strongly recommend it to anyone with any sort of interest in philanthropy.”

It Takes a Village

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The video features Fabi Moody from the First United Methodist Church of Coral Gables and Angel Klein Jackson, the food service supervisor. They discuss the positive impact of volunteers in their organization, who help provide three hot meals a day to over 2,000 residents, contributing to a total of 800,000 meals annually. The volunteers are often amazed at the scale of food preparation and the difference they make in serving the community.

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Volunteer, Fabi Moody: "It just makes you feel so good. I mean, I can't put into words. I say do it. My name is Fabi Moody, and I'm with the First United Methodist Church or Coral Gables."
Volunteers in kitchen: (cutting up veggies for meal service) "Okay so we need peppers and onions for the side salad."
Chapman Partnership staff, Angel Klein Jackson: "Volunteers help feed atleast 2,000 residents three hot meals a day. So it really helps us serve 800,000 meals annually. I am Angel Klein Jackson, the food service supervisor in North. Volunteers, a lot of them are so amazed with what we do because it may be three or four staff in the kitchen and they can't believe that we're cooking such a big amount of food for all these people."

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