Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage

Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage

Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage Success Story
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An egret hunts in a lush and thriving wetland designed, constructed, and maintained by Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage.
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Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage

Through our Chesapeake Care program, Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage works to achieve and maintain a more diverse ecosystem. Located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, CWH works with landowners who are committed to conserving wildlife resources and on our own land managed as wildlife habitat. This work includes large-scale projects—such as wetland design and installation, buffer planning and planting, and meadow design and planting—to restore vanishing habitat in the Chesapeake watershed. Chesapeake Care is also the means through which we maintain these projects and manage the land to ensure long-term success for wildlife.

Since the beginning of 2023, CWH has completed the restoration of 18 acres of wetlands we designed as well as 20 acres of associated buffers in Talbot and Queen Anne’s counties. All of these projects will improve water quality and provide much-needed shallow water habitat for a variety of wildlife, from pollinators to shorebirds to waterfowl.

Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage
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