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Why I support Child Care Counts
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Helping children and parents thrive!

Child Care Counts is a very impactful, local nonprofit that changes lives, one family at a time. We all know how critical child care is to a functioning society, but for so many families around the Washington DC area, safe reliable care is out of reach, financially. Child Care Counts removes the cost barrier for working families who struggle to make ends meet.

Since 2016, CCC has provided over $290,000 in child care scholarships, financial counseling sessions and parenting classes to local low-income families. About 93% of that support was for child care scholarships that enabled parents to work and/or attend college classes.

What makes Child Care Counts worth supporting, for me personally? Here are just a few things:
• The support is tailored to a family's need. Families pay what they can actually afford and there are no bureaucratic hoops to jump through so support can start within a day or two of receiving an application and parents can get to work without delays that sometimes cost them a job.
• With the support comes an expectation that the family will take ownership of improving their finances, so all parents are required to attend a one-on-one session with the certified financial counselor each year.
• Families have a personal connection with CCC staff who provides connections to other resources, checks in to see how things are going and sometimes just offers a listening ear when a parent needs it.
• The organization is local and helps people who work in jobs in the communities in DC and the surrounding counties – the communities that we live and work in.
I love that donating to Child Care Counts is an easy way to profoundly improve the lives of low-income families around the area.
I am hoping you will consider donating to Child Care Counts through the CFC.

T. Joseph, Board Member

Child Care Counts
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