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Children International HOPE Scholar, Razel, at this home in the Philippines
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Leo Martin Ganace

“Being a recipient of the HOPE scholarship is really a tremendous help for our family,” says Razel, a 23-year-old college student in Bicol, Philippines. Razel and his five siblings were orphaned four years ago. Today, he lives with two of his siblings in a government-subsidized house that lacks electricity and water. They use candles for light and fetch water daily at a nearby source.

Without their parents, Razel and his siblings try to make ends meet by offering tutoring lessons or helping with local events. “The financial assistance from Children International went a long way, helping me not just in my studies but also for our daily sustenance,” he says.

Razel is in his final year of elementary education studies at the local community college. “Without access to a HOPE scholarship, it would have been very hard for me to continue [my education]. Stopping school was a very big possibility, especially when my father died — not only for me but for my siblings as well,” he shares.

He is incredibly grateful to Children International supporters like you for helping fund his future. “It’s a lifeline to our dreams. My simple dream is to be a professional educator. I dream that someday I could bring my family to a state where we have enough of what we need. To have a decent life. I wish for us to get out of poverty.”

Tatiana’s Story

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According to the UN, 750 million adults are illiterate.
Video: Mother watching daughter eat
Two-thirds of them are women.
Tatiana’s other is among them.
Video: Mother talking and Tatiana standing alongside her
At 7 years old, Tatiana couldn’t read or write.
Video: Tatiana standing
And was destined to repeat her family’s cycle of illiteracy.
Video: Tatiana running down a path
Her life changed through sponsorship when she began receiving tutoring.
Video: Tatiana sitting and talking in library with teacher
92% of sponsored children increase their literacy.
Video: Tatiana writing her name on whiteboard
Give today and help her write her own story.
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Video: Tatiana writing in her notebook.
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