Chinese Culture And Community Service Center, Inc.

Chinese Culture And Community Service Center, Inc.

SUCCESS STORIES - CCACC’s Diversified Services Need Your Strong Support
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Together We Can Build A Healthier Community
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Chinese Culture And Community Service Center, Inc.

Ms. Lu needs intensive mental health services due to her severe depression; Mrs. Fan requested urgently to enroll in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; a new immigrant Mr. Xu’s family encountered financial difficulties; above are three examples of thousands of service cases from CCACC.

As a non-profit organization, with over 100,000 beneficiaries each year, CCACC serves seniors, youths, low-income households, non-native English speakers, and any individuals in need, and also hosts big cultural events to be a bridge between east and west.
Established in 1982, CCACC has been fulfilling its mission by providing services through 7 divisions.
-Adult Day Healthcare Center – over 200 frail elderly members.
-Home Care Center – care providers serve nearly 100 seniors.
-Health Center – for FY 2023, a total of 4,011 visits including primary care, care management, physical/occupational therapy, mental health. Additionally, 1,519 COVID vaccine and flu shots administered, etc.
-Art Gallery - 8 exhibitions and activities throughout the year.
-Community Services Center - thousands of people are served in various groups and classes such as Evergreen club, ESOL class, Senior Technology Training, more than 10 clubs, Youth Dragon Dance Troupe.
-Academy – more than 2,000 families and 3,000 students are served through Preschool, Summer Camp, Spring After school, and Fall After school.
-Sports Center - swimming pools, tennis courses and classes attracted around 65,000 encounters and over 13,000 members.
Our core values are: 1) Care with Love and Compassion 2) Serve with Sincerity and Integrity 3) Thrive on Joy and Harmony. “Together We Can”, CCACC makes good use of every donation.

Chinese Culture And Community Service Center, Inc.

Almost half of Americans struggle to access healthcare. Many struggle to access services due to low income, insurance status, and language and cultural differences.
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This can have detrimental effects on health and qualify of life.
Yanci Liu - CCACC Health Patient
I suffered from health ailments in an effort to improve access to healthcare along with addressing other issues plaguing our healthcare system CCACC Health has implemented many programs including ICCM, PEARLS, and BEC.
Upper corner text - ICCM - Integrated Chronic Care Management - PEARL's - Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives - BEC - Benefits Enrollment Center
Ms. Huang was really nice and I really like her. She often accompanies me and talking with her brightens my day. Bringing relief to my symptoms. Thank you.
These programs are proven to improve health outcomes. We need your support to reach more patients
and help them receive the healthcare they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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Chinese Culture And Community Service Center, Inc.
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