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We are honored to share stories of Homes, Health, and Hope, like Camille’s.

Camille, her husband, and their three young children faced increasing rents and finally lost their housing. Although the family was never “out on the streets,” the constant couch surfing and instability was traumatizing to their young family. Camille and her husband were working hard to deal with their challenges, but they needed help. They turned to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

More than 124,000 Colorado families like Camille’s are coping with constant housing instability. According to a March 2023 report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, Colorado’s supply of homes available to those with extremely low incomes can meet only 26% of the need.

Every individual and family who experiences homelessness has a different story. The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless offers the individualized resources and services that each individual and family needs to do the hard work of attaining stability.

Financial support from friends like you makes this work possible.

The Coalition’s Family Support Services arranged for Camille’s family to move into an apartment right away. Their case manager connected them to other services so they could build a more solid foundation for their family and helping Camille’s husband secure stable employment.

Today, Camille’s family is thriving. Your generous gift now will help provide other families like Camille’s with the housing and support that they need to overcome homelessness, build stable lives and be part of strong communities.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to creating lasting solutions to homelessness.

Britta Fisher
President & CEO

Homes, Health and Hope

At the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, we believe homelessness is solvable. We believe homes, health and hope are the answer, and we provide all three. Every night The Coalition provides safe, affordable housing to more than four thousand households, ending homelessness for thousands of individuals and families. Our expert health care teams integrate primary and behavioral health care, dental and vision services, caring for more than fourteen thousand patients last year. The housing and health care we provide opens the door to other resources that support a person’s long-term stability. The Coalition provides hope for a better future to those we serve through employment support, childcare, and substance use recovery services. Homelessness is solvable when we all work together. Join us and be a part of the solution.

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
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