Consumers Council of MO, Inc.

Consumers Council of MO, Inc.

Rising costs of utilities and healthcare create hardships for many in MO. Lack of access to banks and affordable mortgages creates barriers to building wealth. Through advocacy and education, Consumers Council works to level the playing for MO consumers.

Consumers Council Works to Level the Playing Field for Missouri Consumers
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Building Equity and Healthy Communities

Building on a vision that began in 1971, Consumers Council of Missouri works to build a more inclusive and equitable region through advocacy, coalition building, collaboration, and community education. We work hard to reduce what communities that have long been the target of structural oppression spend on basic energy. We challenge gas, electric, water, and sewer rate increases, and work to maintain and expand customer assistance programs. In partnership with collaborators, Consumers Council also challenges banks to meet the credit needs of the neighborhoods in which they do business. We urge them to create products to increase banking opportunities, home ownership, and home maintenance loan options for consumers who are low- and moderate-income.

Consumers Council of MO, Inc.
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