Continental Divide Trail Coalition

Continental Divide Trail Coalition

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When CDTC was founded by a group of passionate volunteers in 2012, the CDT was only 68% complete, and much of the trail was unmarked. Today, the CDT is 95% complete and CDTC participates in working groups in all the major gap areas along the trail. In 2018, CDTC worked together with partners to “Blaze the CDT,” marking the trail with consistent signage for trail users for the first time. Since CDTC’s founding in 2012, CDTC has been excited to recruit and coordinate over 1500 volunteers and 50 partner organizations to complete and maintain the trail. In total, these volunteers have contributed over $10 million to the stewardship of the CDT. Over the years, CDTC has been excited to welcome 21 designated CDT Gateway Communities through a community-driven designation process, elevating the importance of outdoor recreation and community-led stewardship all along the trail. In 2022, CDTC, the Biden Administration, local partners, and Colorado leaders formalized the designation of the Camp Hale - Continental Divide National Monument, which provided additional protections to 28 miles of the CDT! In 2024 and beyond, CDTC will continue to champion the CDT Completion Act as it makes its way through congress, calling for the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of the Interior to prioritize the completion of the CDT by its 50th birthday in 2028! Through all of this work, CDTC aims to co-create a model of shared stewardship for the CDT, and one that is rooted in the diverse communities, cultures, and histories that make the Continental Divide a place unlike any other.

Continental Divide Trail Coalition
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