Cover the Homeless Ministry

Cover the Homeless Ministry

Saving Our American Veteran Heroes
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Juergen B In His Home
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Cover the Homeless Ministry

Juergen B. Is a United States Airforce Vet. with mental issues, he came referred to me through a third party as a homelees Vet., After serval issues and him refusing help. I was able to counsel this young man and began the process of geting him to V.A. aid. I allowed him to stay in my ADU which is a city certified shelter. Over serval months he was able to get the medical help and housing needed. i transported him daily for counseling and made sure he was fed and had warm clean clothing. Today he is doing 100% better, he is stable in his own Apartment. He vists me often and stays away from trouble, also is a functioning member of society. My name is Rosie Rios, Missionary, CEO and my passion is saving the American Vets who are sometimes lost and forgotten in society.

Cover the Homeless Ministry
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