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“He uses my life to be a light to others”
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While serving a forty-two-year prison sentence, John has turned from a life of crime to a life of modeling Christ’s love. John credits his Crossroads mentors for sharing their love and wisdom with him to support his growth and transformation.
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John’s early life was marred by tragedy and hardship. His father passed away when John was four years old. At seven, John was separated from his mother, placed in foster care, and not returned to her until he was fifteen. Four short years later, he was in prison.

A forty-two-year sentence didn’t deter the young man from continuing his criminal activity behind bars because crime was essentially all he knew. As a result, he spent his first eighteen years behind bars involved in illicit activity and drug use that took a massive toll on his body.

This path led John into the depths of despair. “I’ve been paralyzed, shot, stabbed, addicted to drugs, homeless, engulfed in sin, and spiritually dead,” he wrote to us in a letter. His life had reached a breaking point, and he found himself yearning for something greater—something that could lift him out of the pain and chaos he had known for so long.

The turning point came when he attended a prison church service and encountered the words of Jesus in Matthew 11:28: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” The words resonated deeply with him, offering a glimmer of hope. From that moment forward, John committed to reading and studying the Bible, seeking solace and guidance in prayer, and embracing the love and forgiveness of Christ. His commitment to grow in faith eventually led him to Crossroads.

Through his studies and the support of mentors over the past five years, John experienced a complete transformation. “Crossroads has been a vessel that God has used to transform my unfortunate situation [into] a school of learning,” he wrote.

Crossroads’ resources provided John with the opportunity to deepen his understanding of God’s Word. Mentors’ unwavering support offered him a sense of belonging and acceptance. He recognizes the importance of mentors in his faith journey, emphasizing the significance of mentors teaching biblical truths rather than personal opinions. Their guidance and wisdom have been instrumental in John’s growth and transformation. By modeling the love and teachings of Christ, his mentors have encouraged him to embody the Word of God in his daily life.
John’s life serves as a testimony of God’s redemptive power. Despite a tumultuous past, he firmly believes that God has a purpose for his life.

“God saw the best in me when everyone else saw the worst. He had a plan, and His plan will not be in vain,” he wrote. John is now determined to use his life as a vessel of light and hope, sharing his testimony to inspire others and illuminate the transformative power of Jesus.

“God reconciled the world through Jesus Christ; now, Jesus reconciles others through my testimony,” John shared. “He uses my life to be a light to others, that if He could save me, bring me out, He can do the same for them. He fills me with a love and a strength that is beyond words yet exemplified through action. I’m grateful for you, Crossroads, for fueling me with the Scriptures, for feeding me, for extending your love and caring heart to a stranger.”

John’s journey with Crossroads Prison Ministries is a testament to the life-changing impact of the Gospel and the unwavering love of Christ. Perhaps God is inviting you into someone’s story of transformation. Learn more about becoming a Crossroads mentor here.

The Power of A Letter

People in prison are often reduced to numbers.

For those of us on the outside, it can be easy to forget that those numbers represent millions of individual lives. We forget that they are sons and daughters, fathers and mothers.

We forget that they have stories. Of hardship, loss, loneliness, and isolation. We forget that they can be touched by simple acts of kindness and compassion.

At Crossroads Prison Ministries, we see the people behind the numbers.

We see them as our brothers and sisters. As beloved children of God. We believe that they can turn their lives around with the help of God and the loving support of people who care.

How do we show that we care?

We send them a letter.

A letter says to its recipient, “You are not forgotten. You matter.”

For people in prison, a letter is more than just words on a piece of paper. A letter is a gift. A reminder that someone took time out of their day to think about them, to consider the exact words they needed at that moment.

Those words have the power to breathe life and hope into hurting hearts. To bring light into a very dark place. To be used by the Holy Spirit to change someone’s future.

In Matthew 25, Jesus explained that when we visit people in prison, we are visiting Him.

You can visit someone in prison by writing a letter.

As you develop a friendship that’s centered on Scripture and guided by the Spirit, you will notice God working in both of your lives.

That is the power of a letter.

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