Curleys House of Style Inc. /Hope Relief Food Bank

Curleys House of Style Inc. /Hope Relief Food Bank

Local Channel 10 News: Day of Giving
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Curleys House Food Bank Keep Giving
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Day of Giving: Local 10 in Miami Shores for Curley's House
Published: November 3, 2023 at 3:26 PM
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Louis Aguirre and Alex Finnie are at the Publix in Miami Shores gathering food for Curley's House.

The Local 10 Day of Giving is celebrating a milestone anniversary in 2023. This November, we will mark 10 years collecting non-perishable foods for our local hunger relief organizations.

Since 2014, we have distributed upwards of 94,000 pounds of food. Even during the height of the pandemic in 2020, when we couldn’t host the event in-person, Local 10 viewers donated online. With those monetary donations, we were able to provide the equivalent of 10,000 meals to six nonprofits.

As of today, the Local 10 Day of Giving benefitting organizations are: Curley’s House, Harvest Drive, Joshua’s Heart, Make-A-Wish Veterans, Manna-Share-A Meal, Star-of-the-Sea Foundation and The Caring Place. The nonprofits will have volunteers at each Publix store and will receive your donations directly.

Curleys House of Style Inc. /Hope Relief Food Bank
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