Dallas Mission For Life

Dallas Mission For Life

Dallas Life is the largest Homeless Recovery Center in North Texas. We go beyond beds and meals for the homeless and we focus on total life recovery with our 10-month Homeless No More Program which has a 90% success rate, one of the highest in the nation.

Brandon & Brittney's Story
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When Brandon and Brittney met in high school and started dating, neither knew what a healthy relationship looked like. Trauma, neglect and addiction had been part of their childhoods. They hadn’t learned healthy ways to resolve conflict, so they fought a lot during their early years together. However, their greatest test came later, after they’d had a daughter together. “I had a good job, but I was struggling,” Brandon explains. “My mental health had tanked. I nearly committed suicide, and I lost my job because of it. We weren’t able to bounce back and were evicted from our apartment.” It was clear that Brandon, Brittney and their daughter needed help – which they found at Dallas LIFE. Their daughter got access to childcare, and Brandon and Brittney enrolled in counseling and classes in life skills like anger management, relationships and financial planning. They also learned about God’s love for them. “We both made a lot of spiritual and emotional breakthroughs in the first few months,” Brandon says. “Now I’m comfortable with myself; I’m a happier person.” “I was really unhealthy and very angry before,” Brittney adds. “But as I’m healing, growing and learning at the center, I’m finding peace and calm.” Brandon and Brittney are both passionate about serving at the center however they can; Brandon helps with security and the front desk, and Brittney helps with housekeeping. They’re grateful to Dallas LIFE for welcoming their family without judgment – and for how we’re helping them get back on their feet. "Never did I think my child would be homeless,” Brittney says. “But Dallas LIFE has been great for her. She’s the light of our lives. She’s the reason why we keep pushing forward.” Brandon and Brittney are thankful for the way you have answered God’s calling to love your neighbor as yourself – and have helped them learn how to love themselves. “Before coming to Dallas LIFE, I didn’t think I was worth anything,” Brandon says. “But it showed me how to be an advocate for myself. I realized I have worth. I feel like I have something to live for.”

Dallas Mission For Life
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