Davis Memorial Goodwill Industries (Goodwill of Greater Washington)

Davis Memorial Goodwill Industries (Goodwill of Greater Washington)

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Grounds Technician, National Gallery of Art

Waking up each morning, unsure of how to provide for your family due to various barriers can be daunting. Whether it's lacking the necessary educational qualifications or dealing with learning disabilities that require extra support, these obstacles can make you question your own worth and capability for certain tasks.

However, at Goodwill of Greater Washington, we've made a difference in the lives of over 200 individuals facing these challenges. Our team members, like Roland, have found opportunities to achieve their highest levels of independence. Often, employers hesitate to hire individuals with disabilities due to uncertainty about accommodations and training. Goodwill addresses this by offering on-the-job training, personalized coaching, sustained employment opportunities, and a clear path to career growth. 

Take Roland, for example. Despite facing difficulties with slow reading and speech, he discovered a fulfilling role as a Grounds Technician at the National Gallery of Art through Goodwill. He not only earns a competitive wage and enjoys benefits, but also can acquire new skills and advance in his career.

Roland's journey with Goodwill began right after high school, and after thirty years, he still takes pride in being part of this community and giving back through his work. He enthusiastically states, "I love working for Goodwill. They help people and create jobs for everybody." Roland looks forward to a lasting career with Goodwill and the National Gallery of Art.

Goodwill has provided our community with a platform to support individuals like Roland in receiving the training necessary to build his confidence and secure employment in fields where they can continue to develop and flourish. Join us as we transform lives and communities through the power of education and employment.

Now You Know: Roland Simms

My name is Roland Xavier Simms.
I work for National Gallery of Art.
My occupation is Grounds Technician.
Before I came to Goodwill I was in high school.
I've been with Goodwill 33 years. I decided to come to Goodwill for their good service.
They care about disability people. So that's why I came to Goodwill. They're a good company.
Well, my disability is slow reading. My disability is a little speech- sometimes I've got a speech problem.
All the Goodwill centers I've been to, this is the best one I like.
I get up in the morning, every morning, I love coming here every morning.
I leave my house early in the morning catch the bus, come here early in the morning.
I love it. When I am at work, this is what I do.
I get the leaf blower. I blow leaves early when I come to work.
Sometimes, I pull trash in the sculpture garden.
I know my job at Goodwill helps people out a whole lot. It helps people get jobs and all that.
They're a good company and care about people.

Davis Memorial Goodwill Industries (Goodwill of Greater Washington)
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