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Educare DC: Empowering Families Through Family Engagement Support and Shared Governance
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The Wheeler twins posing at Educare DC's Fall Festival
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Ms. Wheeler

Educare DC is a provider of early childhood education that specializes in presenting high-quality early childhood education and health services to children ages 0 to 5 in Wards 7 and 8 of Washington, DC. The mission of Educare DC is to close the opportunity gap for students who experience poverty by ensuring they are set up for success academically, socially and emotionally. Teachers and staff members within the Educare DC community understand the science proving children who are provided with high-quality early childhood education are more likely to achieve success in kindergarten and beyond.

One Educare DC parent who is pleased with the impact Educare DC has had on her children is Ms. Wheeler. Ms. Wheeler first became a parent of Educare DC when her eldest son attended Educare DC several years ago. After her son graduated from Educare DC he achieved academic success throughout elementary school, including graduating as the valedictorian of his 5th grade class. He loves to read and excels at math!

Ms. Wheeler currently has her younger twin children enrolled at Educare DC. Both children were born prematurely, and uncertainty followed their births due to possible developmental delays. In November of 2021 Ms. Wheeler’s son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. However, Educare DC did what it does best, which is meet the unique needs of families to ensure success of their children. To better support the Wheeler family, Educare DC collaborated with the child’s speech therapist so he can take his speech therapy sessions at school, putting less strain on his family to travel to appointments. Ms. Wheeler recalls her son only speaking 5 to 6 words when he started at Educare DC. Then, due to the support he received, he improved to speaking full sentences.

Ms. Wheeler’s daughter’s teachers were able to meet her needs in supporting her free thinking by implementing a strength-based approach to teaching allowing her to make age-appropriate decisions confidently. Ms. Wheeler is thankful for the support Educare DC has provided towards her children stating the school, “Managed to meet the needs of my children by offering an environment where they can learn, but also grow.” Due to the school’s expertise in meeting the needs of children and families, Ms. Wheeler’s twins are thriving academically and socially.

The support from Educare DC to the Wheeler family does not stop there. The Wheeler family has been able to receive resources such as winter coats, food for the holidays, and access to events such as a Christmas Drive run by a local church due to the support from the Family Engagement Team at Educare DC.

Since joining the Educare DC community, success has prospered in Ms. Wheeler’s life as well. Ms. Wheeler continues to be an advocate for children and families by serving as the Parent Policy Council Vice Chairperson. This council gives Educare DC parents the power to make decisions regarding their child’s education such as instruction, curriculum, budget, hiring decisions, and calendar. Parents who are involved in the education of their children increase their chances of academic achievement. Ms. Wheeler is also a Parent Ambassador, advocating for early childhood education to be prioritized and invested in by the local DC government and the federal government. The growth achieved by the Wheeler family is a testament to the excellent care Educare DC provides to students and parents.

Educare DC Today

educator DC opened in June of 2012. we
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EduCare DC is across to campuses as well
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but we also do a lot more
our mission is to close the achievement
gap for children birth to five we've
served our 160 children at the Parkside
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impact and that impact is through the
work that we do with advocacy and with
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