Educate Fairfax

Educate Fairfax

Educate Fairfax (formerly the Foundation for FCPS) supports to the 10th largest school district in the country through direct grants to teachers, employee recognition programs, and assistance for the 60,000 students who are financially disadvantaged.

Educate Fairfax Partners with Bookworm Central to Promote Summer Reading
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A love of reading can spark a lifelong love of learning

Educate Fairfax was proud to partner with the amazing team at Bookworm Central to provide students at 3 FCPS elementary schools with five free books to read with their families over the summer. Bookworm's experienced team works closely with teachers to identify age-level appropriate materials and track their progression. We're hopeful that with your help, we can expand this wonderful program to more schools across the county next year - and beyond!

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