The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

New Hope for a Long-Time HIV Survivor
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Members of the 50-Plus Network
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San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Eric (name changed to protect his privacy) has been living with HIV for almost 40 years. Eric describes how he felt for much of his life: “I just didn't feel I was good enough. I felt like I was damaged goods. Loneliness is just part of my life, and as I get older, it doesn't get any easier.”

Things turned around for Eric when he joined the Elizabeth Taylor 50-Plus Network, a partnership with San Francisco AIDS Foundation that provides social support and resource navigation for people over age 50 living with HIV.

He says, “Once I started going to the 50-Plus Network, I started volunteering, not only with them, but with the local school. There have been times where I feel like the AIDS Foundation, they're the only people that care about me. That's wonderful to have. The only time I really feel resilient is when I'm with the other guys. I have a great love and much appreciation for them."

Eric’s story is just one example of the HIV care, testing, advocacy, and education your support will help provide in the fight to create an AIDS-free world.

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