End Hunger in Calvert County

End Hunger in Calvert County

Ben's Story
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Ben's first day at the new job
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End Hunger in Calvert County

"Just like any other parent, I want independence for my child. The End
Hunger Culinary Program has played a huge role in our family taking
steps in that direction. "
As a Mom of a child with intellectual challenges, there's always a
fear that someone will not be patient and understanding of my child's
needs. Finding a positive program run by staff who are understanding
and patient has been invaluable.

Ben really benefited from being with a small group of individuals
going through a similar experience of learning skills to reach their
goals. One of Ben’s fondest memories was being on the “Breakfast
Club” team in a "Chopped"-style challenge to create the most tasty
and creative breakfast. Although his team did not win, I could tell
that working with his teammates made the activity fun and rewarding.

From a young age, Ben has wanted to be a filmmaker. However, after
going through the Culinary Program, Ben has enjoyed exploring a new
career path and has the confidence to do it well. When I picked Ben up
from his field experience at Chick-fil-A, he was very excited. He has
a newfound sense of accomplishment, and as a parent, it feels good to
see that in my child. What more could a parent want than to see their
child be fulfilled, have purpose, and feel competent?

At The Culinary Program, Staff go the extra mile to help students
apply the skills they have learned in the program. Their support
doesn't end after graduation. Instead, they help build a bridge to
employment for their Alumni. It eases my mind knowing that the
Culinary Program partners with businesses that want the students to

What you all are doing is admirable and noble and we are so grateful.
Thank you to everyone who supports End Hunger and makes this program
possible for young adults like Ben.

End Hunger in Calvert County

Video plays with music in the background. It opens with students
packing bags with the CFC Logo on the bottom right of the screen. It
continues with people packing food, and trucks unloading food. The
words read: Let's end hunger, for good. Together, with our 72 feeding
organizations, we distribute nearly 2 MILLION pounds of food to 25,000
people in Southern Maryland every year. Our partners include food
pantries, school backpack programs, and other feeding programs. In
addition to food distribution, our Culinary Training Program helps
individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities move
toward self-sufficiency. Our partnership with other like-missioned
organizations allows us to help students learn the emotional and
professional skills to get a job and keep it. Thank you for choosing
End Hunger in Calvert County. No one should go hungry, and with your
help, they won't. endhungercalvert.org