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Bridge to Dreams
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Maria and her classmates celebrate the opening of an EIA Pedestrian Bridge, bringing dreams of college closer, and safer.
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Alex Van Hout

Huaraca is an agricultural community in Bolivia’s Potosi region and home to a regionally important and well-regarded high school. An ambitious young woman named Maria travels several hours each day to study at the high school, hoping to one day attend university to study biochemistry.

To reach the school, Maria and her fellow students must traverse the Huaraca River, which during the rainy season becomes wide, fast and very dangerous to traverse. So dangerous that while risking a crossing, Maria was swept away downstream. Community members were able to pull Maria to safety but sadly, in the three years previous, five others had been killed and 20 more injured while attempting the crossing.

With the support of donors and volunteers, a newly constructed 52-meter pedestrian bridge now spans the Huaraca river and 500 people, including Maria who were previously cut off from markets, jobs, medical treatment, and school for months at a time, can safely and reliably go about their lives…and safely pursue their dreams.

Engineers In Action
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