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New Federal Energy Efficiency Grant Program to Help Nonprofits
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New Federal Energy Efficiency Grant Program to Help Nonprofits

When Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Inflation Reduction Act, agencies across the federal government began the enormous task of rapidly and equitably implementing the new laws. Many new climate investments—especially home efficiency and electrification rebates—need coordination with state and local governments. 

One small but mighty program is the “Renewing America’s Nonprofits” program; it provides $50 million to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to make grants to nonprofits for cost-effective energy efficiency investments.

Every dollar saved by reducing energy waste can be reinvested in advancing a nonprofit’s core mission (including, in some cases, helping military families and communities). The grant program has real potential to advance environmental justice goals and ensure benefits reach disadvantaged communities.

By giving to EESI, you make possible engagement with federal agencies based on EESI’s experience with efficiency upgrades across the country. You are also reaching thousands of nonprofit sector stakeholders to share the good news of the grant program and help them prepare for the grant opportunity. EESI has documented the multiple benefits of energy efficiency for nonprofits in an extensive article series that includes case studies from Connecticut, Indiana (see graphic above), and Maryland. With a gift today, as the new grant program is currently moving into implementation, you’ll help ensure this program’s results are reaping benefits for nonprofits across America!

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