Every1 Can Work

Every1 Can Work


Every1 Can Work

Music: “They Say” by Pipo and Wowa
(SPEAKER)Ellen Graham, Co-Founder: We believe that people with intellectual disabilities are just like everyone else.
That they deserve to work in a setting where they enjoy
The work and that given the right supports, they’re capable of doing
Amazing things.
(SPEAKER) Relative of employee: Maddie’s job is her life.
It settles her.
It makes her very happy.
It gives her purpose.
What’s wonderful about Cameron’s is that it’s not a job, that’s just
Rote activity, one thing after another.
So she is constantly learning and accomplishing things.
It’s created an environment of independence at home that I probably
Could not have provided her.
Had she not had something outside the home.
(SPEAKER) Ellen Graham, Co-Founder: We do try to address each individual worker in their overall life and
We believe that we can do that through many different things and given
The opportunity, they change environments, they change communities and
The more they’re included the better
It is for everyone.
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