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Family Promise

Meet Elaine and Tim
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Elaine and Tim
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Family Promise

When 8-year-old Tim's parents divorced, he moved with his mother from the only home he’d known. Unsure about the future, the most important thing was that he and his mother Elaine were together.But when Elaine's job of 25 years was eliminated, she struggled to find work. There was more uncertainty - where would the next paycheck come from and how would bills be paid? With no job prospects in sight, they were on the verge of homelessness.Thanks to Family Promise, their worries were shortlived. Family Promise helped Elaine find employment and housing. But just as important, they helped Tim adjust to the family’s new circumstances. They reached out to Tim's new school to smooth the transition on his first day and arranged for a buddy to walk with him to ease his nerves. Tim, a bright student, continued to make honor roll.“I’d imagined homeless shelters as intimidating places with beds and nothing more,” Elaine says. “Family Promise wasn’t just a shelter. They had everything we could possibly need to get our life back together – help with jobs, housing, tutoring. I never imagined we’d be in this situation, but Family Promise shattered my stereotype of how homelessness is treated.”The family is still involved with Family Promise, now as volunteers, and Tim is thriving at home and in school.“We learned anyone could become homeless,” says Elaine. “If it weren’t for Family Promise, I don’t know where we’d be right now.”

Family Promise

Family Promise
When I think of home I think of a yard, and a picket fence, and grass, and a dog. I think of my dad mowing the lawn, and our clothes on the laundry line.
1 in every 30 children in the U.S. is homeless.
Thats 2.5 million children every year.
Family Promise is changing the landscape of family homelessness, one family at a time.
When I lost my home, I felt scared and alone and anxious and worried.
Especially because I had a child to take care of.
I was more concerned with Olivia's well being than I was with my own well being.
Family Promise empowers families with teh skills and tools to maintain independence.
The impact it was going to have on Olivia was what I thought the most about and was most concerned with. Its terrifying. You lose your sense of self-worth when this type of thing happens.
Emergency Shelter Workforce Development Financial Literacy Education Food Pantry Transportation Health & Wellness ... and so much more!
My house is not just a house. It's a home. And I have a really really beautiful life.
Your support of Family Promise and other charities through the CFC transforms lives.
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Family Promise
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