Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children

Drought in Angola
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By the time the doors open each morning at this malnutrition clinic in southern Angola, hundreds of children and parents are already in line. The clinic, run by FMSC food distribution partner ForAfrika (formerly JAM International), sees 500–700 starving children each day. And the waiting rooms stay full — all day long.

Angola’s hunger crisis is buried in the headlines. Though the country isn’t small — twice the size of Texas, if fact — you probably don’t hear about it often. But this southern African nation is quietly experiencing its worst drought in 40 years, resulting in catastrophic food insecurity.

Every day, FMSC partners like ForAfrika distribute life-sustaining MannaPack® meals to children and families in the hardest-hit regions of Angola. Children like Sarah. Sarah eats MannaPack meals at school. And when she leaves in the afternoon, the school gives her bags of FMSC food to take home to her family.

You can see the hope in Sarah’s eyes. You can even see the visible progression of health in her hair — dark and well-nourished at the root.

4,000,000,000 (that's 4 BILLION) meals!

Video: Mark Crea speaking
Hi, I'm Mark Crea, CEO of Feed My Starving Children. We have a big number to announce.
Video: Volunteers creating food packs
We have hit our 4,000,000,000th meal. That's a big number.
Video: Clips of food journey from resource box to children eating
But for me, it is about the individual children we're talking about.
Video: Mark Crea speaking
It is that individual child that's getting fed.
Video: Volunteers creating and packing food packs
So please help us celebrate this 4,000,000,000th meal.
Video: Mark Crea speaking
Volunteer and give to FMSC.org.
Text: fmsc.org/give
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Feed My Starving Children
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