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Lara Shaheen with a group of Syrian refugee women recruited to create products for her business
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Lara with a group of Syrian refugee women recruited to create products for her business
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Displaced people and refugees face a unique set of challenges. Cut off from their support systems; they often confront language and cultural barriers. Formal and legal employment can be difficult, and providing a decent education for their children is, in some cases, nearly impossible. FINCA and its partners have designed products and services to help refugees build back better lives in Jordan. We count on your generous support to reach more refugee families and help them thrive in these difficult times.

FINCA Jordan: Giving Syrian Refugees an Opportunity to Thrive

In April 2022, FINCA Jordan launched a new loan product for refugees, mostly Syrians. After escaping their war-torn country, they now try to integrate into Jordanian society. However, they face obstacles sustaining consistent income streams in a country that is already facing economic uncertainty. With few employment opportunities and restricted access to financial services, refugees face an uphill struggle to survive. FINCA has identified ways to help them get on their feet and succeed. Your gift can help propel small businesses run by Syrian refugees and pave the way for a better future for their families.

As a result of FINCA’s efforts, hundreds of refugees in Jordan now have received start-up capital. They can grow their small businesses and work their way to a better future. Many of these small businesses are in food production. But many others provide services like tailoring, carpentry, and farming. Some operate small retail stores. We need your support to reach more refugees and provide an opportunity for them to thrive.

When you give to FINCA, you are supporting refugee businesswomen like Lara Shaheen. Lara and her family left their home in Syria in 2014 and have now made Jordan their new home. She launched a small business called Jasmine. She sells handicrafts, soaps, and candles. As her business grew, she was able to recruit 40 other women to help design and produce merchandise for her business.

Lara (far left) with a group of Syrian refugee women that she recruited to create products for her business

“It is a very difficult decision when you think about leaving everything behind. Your dreams, your friends, your people, your relatives…We Syrians have many skills. We can use them to support ourselves and support the country we’re in. Instead of becoming a burden, we can be useful.”

- Lara Shaheen, a refugee entrepreneur from Syria living in Jordan

Get Involved in Supporting Refugee Communities

FINCA and its partners are providing tools for refugee communities to break the cycle of poverty in their lives. Access to capital is essential for refugees to build new lives and grow their small businesses. Our refugee programs are among our funding priorities. We invite you to join us in supporting refugee communities as they work toward a brighter future.

Together we can give more families an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We are most grateful for your support.

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