Food Bank of the Albemarle

Food Bank of the Albemarle

Hunger In Northeastern North Carolina
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Volunteers load food into a vehicle at a mobile food pantry.
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Food Bank of the Albemarle

Food Bank of the Albemarle serves 15 counties in northeastern North Carolina, serving over 9 Million meals annually. The majority of our food donations come from large donors and manufacturers. But now, we are purchasing more food than ever before, and facing rising costs as inflation continues.

In 2023, the Food Bank introduced some exciting new programs that will enhance the experience of our neighbors receiving food. Our Teaching Kitchen is a full facility where we are able to offer nutrition and culinary literacy to the community. We work in partnership with our local extension office and area chefs to provide this incredible service.

This year we also relaunched our in-house food pantry as our Neighborhood Hub. This new pantry allows our guests to self “shop” for the items they want for their family. Volunteers help keep shelves stocked, and assist with helping with questions.

Public support is critical to the programs and services offered by the Food Bank, allowing us to best serve our neighbors in need.

Stories from our Neighbors

“It’s a blessing when you need it. Food costs so much now. I like that I can get the items that I want and there’s no waste.”

“I have come to the pantry before, and this experience is so much better for me and my daughter. It was just like shopping in a grocery store, and I didn’t feel like I was being given a handout. It made me feel better when I came here.”

Tammy has been coming to the Albemarle Food Pantry for years, ever since she and her family moved to North Carolina. She says comes to the food pantry each month for shelf-stable goods and protein, but especially for the fresh produce available.

She and her family live on a fixed income, she says, and have to be incredibly resourceful with finances and food.

“I grow a lot of my own food, too” she adds. “This season, I’ve grown peppers, tomatoes, eggplant. And a lot of that produce was grown from seeds I saved, from produce that I received from the food pantry. It’s a lot of work, but worth it.”

Sandra is long-time client of the Mobile Pantry. She says she’s been coming here for about five years, and depends on the food she receives to carry her through the month ahead.
“It helps me make ends meet,” Sandra says.

Without the pantry and the fresh produce she receives, Sandra isn’t sure how she would manage. “It’s (the produce) very important,” she says. “I like the white potatoes and green beans. (Without the pantry) it’d be harder to feed myself for the month. It’d be really hard for any longer than that, without my fruits and vegetables.”

Sandra also receives around $100 in FNS (formerly known as Food Stamps) each month. She depends on this service and the mobile pantry.
“Without food stamps, I wouldn’t be able to eat. I don’t have the money for food. I have about $50 left each month after my bills are paid.”

“I have diabetes, and do not receive much in food stamps (SNAP). It takes the little that I receive to ensure that I get healthy foods. It is nice to get food from the Food Bank to supplement my monthly allowance.“

“I feel very blessed to get food, because I have not been able to find much work,” Ramiro said. “Thank you for all the food that was given out, especially the fresh produce!”

“Some other people had told me about the mobile pantry here, but I just couldn’t go because I didn’t have transportation. A friend gave me a ride here to get some food.”

Your Support
Your contributions to Food Bank of the Albemarle feed people every day across northeastern NC. Together, we can solve hunger. Thank you!

About Food Bank of the Albemarle
The Mission of the Food Bank is to fight hunger and poverty in our 15-county service area in northeast North Carolina. We are a regional clearinghouse for the collection and distribution of food and grocery items to 100 hunger-relief partners operating 145 unique programs. Food Bank of the Albemarle serves Beaufort, Bertie, Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Hertford, Hyde, Martin, Northampton, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Tyrrell and Washington counties. For more information, call (252) 335-4035 or visit

Food Bank of the Albemarle

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Food Bank of the Albemarle’s mission is to fight hunger and poverty in northeastern NC.
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