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A Comrades Story
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Cindy Wise

William, an Army veteran who served 2 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan has struggled to adjust to civilian life and suffers from debilitating panic attacks. This past year, at the urging of one of his buddies, he participated in one of Forever Amber Acres’ Comrades-in-Arms small group monthly sessions. Comrades incorporates holistic practices including Native American healing rituals that can help clients become more centered and aware of how their behaviors may impact their mental health and wellness. William has returned on numerous occasions since first participating and recently wrote:

“I’m feel so lucky to have found you guys. I’ve been a lot calmer and more open emotionally since I’ve been coming there. I feel more settled in my skin. What you do is so important! Those horses are so amazing and the energy when I’m in their zone has truly helped me. Thanks for allowing me to be there; my soul and heart needed it and I feel lighter because of it.”

Horses Healing Heroes, Heroes Healing Horses

Hi, my name is Michele Bolinger, Founder and Executive Director of Forever Amber Acres, and these are some of the members of my treatment team, the horses of Forever Amber Acres! Forever Amber Acres is a 501-c3 nonprofit organization located in Medina, Ohio. Our mission is to provide refuge, rehabilitation and retirement aftercare to special needs horses. Our therapy horses serve military veterans, first-responders and civilians suffering from trauma-related conditions through our equine-therapy services.
Over the past 7 years Forever Amber Acres has provided over 200 hours of equine-assisted services at NO COST thanks to the generosity of our big-hearted friends at the Combined Federal Campaign.
Please help us continue to bring HOPE and HEALING to those that need it most in 2024.
Thank you for your support!

Forever Amber Acres
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