Fostering Connections

Fostering Connections

We can only do what we do because people give!
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A donor dropped off exactly what was needed by a foster mom the same day she came to the North Alabama Foster Closet
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Kimberly DuVall

Tyesha is a single foster mom who primarily takes babies. She recently stopped by the North Alabama Foster Closet for a few things, including a specific liquid formula, but we only had one bottle to give her. Just minutes after she left a donor brought multiple bottles of exactly what you needs. Tyesha came back, and her smile lit up the room! This is what she had to say “Mrs. Kimberly and the North Alabama Foster closet has been such a blessing to our family. We are thankful to have everything we could possible need and want because of them! We also appreciate the various activities that we are able to attend as a foster family.”

Meet Ashli - a kinship care provider

I was so scared to say yes to take him. Then once I realized I had this support and like hey there are other people here and they want to help like I was all for it. These words from Ashli are not uncommon. Fostering Connections' flagship program, the North Alabama Foster Closet, provides foster parents, as well as kinship providers, with free tangible resources to care for the children in their home. There was a time after we took him and I just took two other children of my family members as well we didn't have grocery money and they made sure that we had meals every night and even a food card and clothes for the baby and clothes for the kids. They provided a crib and diapers and car seat and stroller. They were truly a blessing because I just don't know how we would have been able to take him otherwise.

Fostering Connections
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