Friends of Night People

Friends of Night People

Waiting for Dinner
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A guest peeks through the window as staff sets up for dinner

It is 8am on a chilly morning and Chef Dwight begins to scramble eggs with vegetables and cheese for breakfast frittata. By 8:30, Jim begins to brew the first pot of coffee and preps the dining room for guests. Just before 9am, students arrive from Nichols School to help serve breakfast, distribute clothing, and clean. Suddenly, Brian attracts everyone’s attention by singing a verse from “Phantom of the Opera" to our volunteers, as a gesture of thanks. Up at the table nearest to the window, group of guests gather to discuss the cold weather.

Over the next few hours more than 100 guests come to eat a hot breakfast. A short time later, Shawn our driver and maintenance man, returns with meats and produce provided by local retailers. Chefs Pat and Darryl put their creative minds to work and begin to prepare for dinner tonight at FONP and at a community meal partner.

As the afternoon passes, Soso , our case worker greet many homeless individuals who stop by to take a shower, ask for their mail, seek help to obtain identification, complete housing searches or ask for something warm to wear. Afterwards Soso and William take an hour to do outreach and walk a few blocks on Main Street looking for someone who may not know about Friends of Night People and the services we provide.

The dinner volunteers start to arrive at 4:30 as the smell of beef stew greets them at the door. Fresh smashed potatoes, cut fresh fruit, and mixed green salad with fruit and nuts are ready to be served.

We will serve more than a 175 guests tonight and we are ready. Once dinner is over, we get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

Friends of Night People
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