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Sandhills prairie - bison pasture. Niobrara Valley Preserve, Nebraska.
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At Give Nebraska our story is pretty simple, we connect donors to the causes they care about most. Through large and small gift amounts from donors across Nebraska, our nonprofit member agencies are able to enhance the quality of life in Nebraska the way they know best.

Whether it is Make-A-Wish Nebraska making the dream of a child with a life-threatening illness come true to Lincoln Parks Foundation creating parks and nature attractions for families to enjoy and create memories. Or the work of Nebraska Children's Home Society creating the best home environment possible for children to Capital Humane Society helping animals with rough pasts find their kind and loving forever-home, Nebraska is a better place to live because of the work of Give Nebraska and our nonprofit member agencies and that is made possible by donors like you.

Gifts through CFC will continue the support we provide to our nonprofit member agencies and the important work they do for the state of Nebraska. Thank you for considering a gift to Give Nebraska.

Give Nebraska: What Causes Matter to You?

What causes matter to you? Animal welfare, the environment? Maybe you’re into social justice or arts and culture. When you donate through Give Nebraska you’re directly supporting the causes you care about and you feel good about supporting your community. Everything you give stays right here in Nebraska helping local nonprofits positively impact the communities they serve. Whether you’re giving $5 or $500, your donations make a difference. Your dollars are critical in supporting the communities our organizations serve. Learn more at

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