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Refabulous Runway Foundations in Fashion Review
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A student models her creation at the end of the summer camp week
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Kim Cuthbert

Our teenage daughter has been to various camps over the years, but this is our first year at Glen Echo. We wanted to express our sincere praise and gratitude for one of your camp classes in particular. Our daughter had the pleasure of participating in Alana Maurbury-Hunter’s “Refabulous Runway Foundations in Fashion” or what we now just call “Fashion Camp” the week of July 10, 2023.

It was clear from the beginning how devoted the teachers were to not only ensuring that the students enjoyed those full camp days, but also to expanding their awareness of the many facets of fashion. My daughter really enjoyed this combination of interactive and educational aspects. The upcycling of older clothing was a hit with our environmentally conscious kid.

While Alana, Lark and the Teaching Assistants made it appear easy, we as parents and educators immediately recognized the tremendous amount of thoughtful work they put into the class. It is not easy to satisfy the needs of any diverse group, but they were able to create a supportive environment which played to the students’ strengths while also nurturing them when they faced the inevitable challenges. This is a tricky balance to achieve, but Ms. Hunter seems to have a very well thought out and practiced approach to students of varying skill levels and learning differences. This makes for a safe environment and one that promotes growth even over the course of five days!

A real highlight was the fashion show on the final day. It was clear how engaged the students were and how very proud of their creations they were. It was a memorable experience for Sofia and she was so happy that Ms. Hunter took such an interest in her creative ideas as well as those of all of the students. In fact, Sofia has already made it clear that she will be prioritizing this camp class next summer.

We will highly recommend this class to our friends.

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