Green Beret Foundation

Green Beret Foundation

Answering the Call of the Regiment
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Soldiers Don Green Beret at Ceremony
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Photo by K. Kassens | United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School

“When my family and I faced catastrophe and experienced the loss of our health and property, the Green Beret Foundation didn’t hesitate to step up and support. The GBF team was responsive, compassionate, and diligent. I’m humbled and thankful that our Regiment receives such exceptional support from organizations like the Green Beret Foundation!”

The Green Beret Foundation Impact

You never want your kids to see you depressed. There's just this cloud over you. My platoon was struck by numerous IEDs. The injuries that we sustained were not immediate. They evolved later in my career. Neurologists, they tell you with seizures, there's roughly 15 different types of anti-seizure medications.

I used to zone out on different medications, and she could tell. We looked into the HBOT, or the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. After 17 dives, I've noticed just a dramatic change. It allows my wife to trust me to pick my daughter up on time. It's making my wife more trusting of me as it's being structured.

It's just evident that it's a change in the way I've sought therapy.

Green Beret Foundation
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