Healing Warriors Program

Healing Warriors Program

Healing Warriors Program envisions a suicide-free world where all veterans and their families thrive. We provide Non-narcotic Integrative Care for veteran and active duty service members and their partners for pain, PTS, brain injuries, sleep and more.

Providing Care and Preventing Veteran Suicides
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Healing Takes Time

"I know this as Healing Warriors helped me through a very dark time in my life. A couple of years ago I went through a severe bout of PTSD. I was a mess and close to the “22” that we all talk about. Your services, coupled with help from the Vet Center, I am literally a new person. I learned so much about myself and ended up quitting my lucrative exec job and I started a business. I have simplified my story, but I wanted you to know how much you all have helped me. THANK YOU!!!!"

Our Vision:
Healing Warriors Program envisions a suicide-free world where all veterans and their families thrive.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to improve wellness of veterans and their families through non-narcotic care.

Tag line: Freeing veterans from suffering and suicide

We exist to interrupt the factors that lead to service member suicides. Too often our troops leave active duty service and are expected to immediately reintegrate into civilian life without regard to the impact of repetitive deployments, trauma and pain.

We all know the numbers on the suicide rate among our service members. The 22 a day figure only scratches the surface of what is known, and does not include the suicides that happen on active duty bases, or with those not within the VA system. The factors leading up to that are many and complex, from the overuse of narcotics, to the unresolved consequences of trauma, to loss of hope, and to a host of personal and environmental factors that result in tragedy.

The reality is, many of our service members return home suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and numerous types of chronic pain. In our integrative care clinic, Healing Warriors Program offers non-narcotic treatment options too rarely provided with standard care. We offer: Healing Touch therapy, used in a ground-breaking PTSD protocol developed by the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine and part of a 2-year research study with Camp Pendleton combat marines, Craniosacral Therapy which is currently undergoing research with Traumatic Brain Injuries and pain management, and Acupuncture with research-based evidence of significant pain and Post Traumatic Stress relief. All therapies provide relief from the depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain all too familiar to veterans.

We know that the overuse of opioids can lead to an increased risk of suicide. Healing Warriors Program offers clinical care utilizing non-narcotic therapies acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, Healing Touch therapy and Guided Imagery to alleviate pain, help restore sleep and focus, and achieve improvement in overall health and well-being. Our Client Care Specialist assists with Resourcing and works closely with our fellow community partners to connect services for adjunct needs. Rekindling hope that pain can be alleviated, that trauma can heal, and that we are part of a community that cares, provides a path to restoration of quality of life.

“…The care treatments provided to me by Healing Warriors Program have provided me with a level of relief I have been unable to achieve without the use of barbiturates. Thank you for offering this free service for us….” – Active Duty Air Force Officer

The care of our Service Members is our number one objective and we make our decisions by asking the question, “What is best for the veteran?”

Suicide Prevention through integrative non-narcotic treatments for PTSD, TBI, Interpersonal Trauma, Sleep Disorders and Chronic Pain at NO COST. We serve Veterans, from any era and any branch of service. We also serve disabled and homeless veterans, Active duty troops, reservists, National Guard and the spouses/partners and parents of our service members. Expanded programs include Cancer Support, Pre/Post Surgical Care, (WPCP) Wellness Preventative Care Program for 60+ clients, Detox, Immune Support, Grief, Anger and more. Healing Warriors Program operates a full clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado, providing care for VA and non-VA patients and veteran families, as well as NO COST walk in monthly Pop Up Clinics in Longmont, Denver, Colorado Springs and Yellow Ribbon events for our active duty personnel, and have provided over 40,000 treatment sessions since opening our doors in June, 2013.. serving not only Colorado but also service member families from 21 additional states.

Our Mission and role is to lessen the factors that lead to veteran suicides. We do this by providing integrative treatment care, home self-care tools, gun locks, gun safes, Telehealth, Care packages, and Client Care navigation services to assist in connecting our veterans with community resources and counseling services, all at NO COST. We solve problems together as a community, and our fundraising events focus on education, awareness and removing barriers for our veteran families in obtaining care. HWP is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization, a Registered VA Vendor, and a Platinum Guidestar Charity.

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