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Rwanda Dairy Farmers Creating Successful Businesses
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Salafina is busy working her dairy farm, which helps support her six children.
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Jacques Nkinzingabo

In Rwanda, dairy is crucial for rural development, poverty reduction and food security and nutrition. Dairy is a strategic commodity that offers a path out of poverty for Rwandan households with livestock, and for those who provide services and value addition to the supply chain. Despite progress in the dairy sector, challenges remain. Farmers have low milk productivity due to poor animal nutrition, and little access to extension and animal health services, and lack of access to improved animal breeds. Farmer organizations need collective action to market milk in bulk and access inputs and services. Farmers need better management skills for milk collection, processing and marketing. Farmers, especially women and youth, have limited access to credit to improve their farms and businesses, and key institutions need legal, regulatory and capacity strengthening efforts to encourage industry growth. This five-year project will improve milk quality and production capacity, while promoting stronger dairy sector policies. This project will be part of a larger government initiative pairing financial and non-financial services for farmers to build relationships with processors — reducing costs and incentivizing investment.

Farmers like Salafina, who is a mother of 6, is working hard to ensure that her family has a secure financial future with her successful dairy business.

The Power of People: How Heifer International is Ending Hunger and Poverty

[music plays] At Heifer international, we believe in the power of people,
Image: Different faces of people
The power to overcome, to flourish, to thrive.
Image: People harvesting vegetables and fruit
And we've seen it firsthand
Image: Mother and child eating
since 1944, we've watched more than 39 million people
Image: Black and white film of family with cow and children
overcome even the greatest of obstacles
Image: Group of women walking in a line
Image: Man walking with horse with resources
and move themselves from poverty to power.
Image: People working with bees
Image: People analyzing plants
Image: Woman sawing
When a family in poverty is given
Image: People handing out chickens
a goat or a cow, they're given more than an animal.
Image: Goat, cow and chicken
It's an opportunity.
Image: Girl writing and doing homework
It's a chance to start a business,
Image: Someone paying for goods
put food on the table,
Image: Kids eating at table
and break the cycle of poverty forever.
Image: Women walking and woman walking with goats
Heifer works with some of the world's poorest communities.
Image: Mother and child walking
Image: Community center with people sitting and talking
We listen and learn about their problems,
Image: Group of people talking
Image: Group of women sitting and talking
Work with them to create solutions,
Image: Man and woman in plant field talking
and introduce the tools
Image: Woman talking and pointing to map drawing
and training they need for lasting success.
Image: Person driving tractor
Image: Woman talking to group of people
Ultimately, we support people to stand strong in their own
Image: Woman pouring food into machine
Image: Man in flower field
and discover their power.
Image: Faces of women
Because we know everyone has potential to thrive.
Image: Man holding turkey
Image: Woman harvesting fruit
Image: Woman talking to group of people
Image: Chicken
All they need is a chance. Learn more today at heifer.org.
Image: Face of woman
Image: Group of women sitting with food
Image: Heifer International logo with website
[music fades]

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