Help Heal Veterans

Help Heal Veterans

How your support brings healing to veterans like Tony.
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"These kits take us a world away from our problems"
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Help Heal Veterans

Tony was just 17 on his first tour of Vietnam.

“It changed me,” says the U.S. Navy veteran. “I’ve seen and done things that would give you nightmares. Nothing can prepare you for that. You have to grow up real quick — either that or you die.”

Still, Tony considers himself lucky, “because I came back with both legs and both arms, though I do have some shrapnel here and there in my body.”

Those harrowing memories are enough to paralyze a person emotionally, and Tony has certainly had his struggles. But he says he found some good medicine when he discovered Help Heal Veterans about eight years ago.

Tony had been an avid woodworker much of his life anyway, but once he started building the HHV Therapy Kits, he discovered “an artistic side of me I didn’t know I had. I am thankful for what HHV and these kits have brought out in me.”

They bring out not just artistic ability, but can help improve fine motor skills and manual dexterity. Additionally, the kits that you’ve made possible are helping vets find a peace that passes all understanding.

To donors, Tony says, “What you give, you can’t see.” He elaborates: “Working on the kits gives mental stability to veterans who might be lost. It not only gives us something to do with our hands, but also with our minds.

“Vets might be thinking about their physical and mental problems, but these kits take us a world away from our problems. It really makes a difference.”

God bless you for helping vets like Tony find peace. Your kindness helps them recover physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thank you!

CEO Captain Joe McClain shares the importance of Help Heal Veterans.

Help Heal Veterans is so important because it provides a tangible tool to help veterans on their healing journey, where we create something really special that's used by clinicians and therapists for healing things like traumatic brain injury which is concussion, PTSD, helping substance abuse helping vets manage their pain. And all of this is done through creativity, hand eye motor skills, we provide a tool to help a veteran win that small battle on the healing journey to eventually get better and it just, it's just really amazing to me how something's so small. It makes us a big
difference in someones life. So, we need your help in order to get them the help that they need. Crafting and creativity heals. It works. It's been proven. Crafting has been a tool tor over a hundred years at treatment of veterans. We've been around for 50 of those. So, help us meet that need so we can make folks a little bit further along on their healing journey.

Help Heal Veterans
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